EoleCC is the collaborative subtitling function of the Eolementhe© workflow platform,

combining automated tools and human review to meet the subtitling needs of audiovisual professionals: films, documentaries, series, short films, video for the web or social networks, etc.

Entrust us with your subtitling project!

We manage your subtitling project from A to Z (transcription, translation, overlay, compliance with required standards, etc.). 

Subtitles are generated by our EoleCC platform, then reviewed by our professional translators, according to your requirements.

  Save time and peace of mind!

Or subtitle your own content

We put our EoleCC subtitling platform at your disposal. 

Generate your multilingual subtitles, check them in-house at your own pace and retrieve your files. 

Simple and efficient!



Time saving

Subtitles generated 5x faster, 
thanks to artificial intelligence

Professional Quality

0 compromises on quality, thanks to collaborative human review (by you or our professional translators)


Ultra-flexible financial model

Monthly or annual subscription or pay-as-you-go (minutes credit)

Automatic subtitling in 120 languages

EoleCC incorporates powerful artificial intelligence tools 🤖 that automatically generate the transcription, translation and synchronisation of time codes! Automatic subtitles are reviewed via EoleCC's ultra-simple collaborative interface.

Depending on the tool you choose, innovative features are available: personalised word dictionary, automatic language detection, management of several languages in the same video, etc. 
🕒 Considerable time savings!

An ultra-intuitive subtitling interface

Once your subtitles have been generated by the AI, it's time to proofread and validate them!

  EoleCC offers a simple yet comprehensive interface to make your life easier: 

🎞️triple transcription-translation-video section 
🌊 waveform: to simplify subtitle adjustment! 
✏️add of video markers, exportable in .csv format 
automatic scene detection

Subtitle review service 
by our professional translators

You don't have the time or language skills to carry out this review in-house? Call on our professional translators, rigorously selected for their experience and language skills. 

We deliver turnkey videos, subtitled according to your requirements and the standards in force.

💪 Quality subtitles, without compromising on deadlines!

Burn presets

EoleCC offers advanced options, so that your burn presets match your corporate identity: font, size, color, background, pixel-perfect positioning, etc.

🎨 Subtitles that look just like you!

Subtitle overlay & file export

With EoleCC, you can retrieve your subtitled video in any language you want, in its original format and quality. Subtitle files in various formats (.srt, .txt...) are also supplied.

Collaborative work, our DNA!

Eolementhe offers a dedicated environment for collaborative working, including : 

- Creation of collaborative workflows, with multi-level approvals 
- Management of organisations and teams, 
- User role management (manager, user, reviewer), 
- Dashboard and usage monitoring for managers, 
- Chat function

SDH subtitling (Deaf & Hard of Hearing)

EoleCC supports subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, using STL (in accordance with EBU Tech 3264 recommendations): 

- colour code management: white, yellow, red, green, cyan, magenta 
- positioning management 
- STL file metadata management 

Our professional subtitlers, specialized in SDH, create the subtitles for you, directly on EoleCC.

We're able to publish our videos - subtitled in several languages - on the internet very rapidly, without any compromise in quality of translation. The option of human validation at every stage in the process, as part of the collaborative method of working, is a real advantage. 

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